A winning garden design

Winner of: Large Gold Medal / Best Large Show Garden in the Show / Best Show Garden of Any Size in the Show / Best Exhibit of Any Kind in the Show

This garden has been created to provide a calm stylish space in which to reflect, relax and escape from the stresses of a busy life.

Inspired by the Modernist movement of the 1930’s, the design combines simple materials, such as rendered concrete and polished sandstone, with luxurious furniture and sumptuous planting. It is a garden which, while embracing the themes of modernist architecture (which is broadly characterised by simplification of form and subtraction of ornament from the structure and theme of the building) is very definitely a garden for the twenty first century. 

A large still pool provides a calm central feature which reflects the garden’s structures and planting.  A path leads into the garden, through an intimate seating area surrounded by plants, and then, by way of stepping stones, into the pavilion. This is inspired by the Barcelona Pavilion, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the International exposition in Spain. The pavillion houses two items: a piece of classic 1930’s design in the form of a lounger by Le Corbusier, and a piece of contemporary sculpture by international artist Emma Rodgers. The two objects, although designed more than 80 years apart demonstrate how 1930’s modernism still has relevance today.

A sense of calm

The sense of calm that water brings to the garden is enhanced by its setting, in a very controlled space: a space in which to escape from the hectic nature of modern life, and to relax.

Planting in the garden is designed to compliment the hard landscaping. Plants have been chosen from a limited colour palette comprising greens, silvers, purples and white. These colours add to the sense of coolness and calm, and are all seen at their best in the evening – the time to unwind after a busy day, and reflect – perhaps with a glass of wine.